Degrees and Certifications:

A Message from the Superintendent

Welcome to the Big Beaver Falls Area School District where we have a rich tradition of high academic and athletic excellence.  For those that don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself to you, I am a Beaver Falls graduate and proud alumna that started her successful professional career right here in Tiger country.  

As a graduate of Beaver Falls, the honor of educationally serving our children and community is multiplied. It was not too long ago that I walked through the halls of the Beaver Falls school buildings as a student and felt a sense of academic success and Tiger Pride.  As I walk through the buildings today, I see the same Tiger pride existing within a new generation of Tigers. 

We are a close-knit community in Beaver Falls, where we are all working together for our children to become successful.  Our teachers are loving, compassionate, and encourage our students to perform at very high academic levels.  We have high academic expectations of our students and celebrate their successes with them.

Our academic curriculum is extensive in its offering, including a Pre-Kindergarten program and full day kindergarten within our elementary buildings as well as AP course offerings within our high school.

Our curricular and extracurricular successes, which have generated our District-wide, State, and National recognition and awards have been possible because of the dedication and efforts of our School Board, Administrative Team, faculty, and the performance of our students.  

In June 2023, the Big Beaver Falls School Board completed a Superintendent's Performance Evaluation for Dr. Donna M. Nugent for the 2022-2023 school year.  Dr. Nugent's overall performance rating was Distinguished.

“Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger”

Dr. Donna M. Nugent

Superintendent of Schools